Time to get some thoughts down

Been on a blogging hiatus for over a year now after leaving xanga.com.  Tried to use Facebook to fill in the gap, but it’s really not the best format to use for more thoughtful introspection, dialogue, and debate.  My friend Laura is largely responsible for putting the bug in my head to get back into blogging.

So here’s my plan with this site.  Facebook will continue to be the medium I use to keep in touch with a broad spectrum of friends, acquaintances, and family.  I’m hoping to turn this site into a place in invite my closest friends and family to opine on matters of faith, politics, family, work, struggles and successes, prayer requests and praise.

This is by no means a fair and balanced medium.  I don’t promise to be open minded or giving equal voice to all.  If all goes as planned, the things written here will stir up emotions, biases, and may occasionally offend.  My intention is not to be offensive for the sake of being offensive, but I will certainly warn you that I’ve offended and alienated some casual acquaintances in the past.

So as I embark on opening myself up to all of you (which may end up only being about a dozen or less), my motives are not completely narcissistic.  But as I’ve said before, our society is less geared toward getting to know our neighbors and friends real time.  Certainly my lifestyle between school and work, a wife and 7 children, doesn’t make me readily accessible to having coffee and conversation as I’d prefer to have it.  So in some ways, this is my dysfunctional middle ground.

Excited to see where this will go.


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