New Year – New Blog

Had every intention to begin blogging again when I created this site a year ago, but my MBA and Work pretty much eradicated any spare time (and even time that was not supposed to be spared).

It’s an election year, so no better time to start this up again (no, this won’t be ONLY about politics and economics, but if you know me, I can’t stay out of the shark tank for too long.)  As I wrote in my opening post, going to try and dig in beneath the shallow, Facebook level of 1 liners here.

Interestingly, the 2 men that preached in church today had this to say — David shared selections from James 3, Proverbs 10, 15, 16, 17, and 21 about the tongue; Neal shared this evening his testimony of the people who most influenced his life — past and present.

David encouraged us to recognize the power of the tongue, how it can build up and tear down, how it can heal and also wound.  He shared how Scripture repeatedly teaches us to be slow to speak, use words to encourage and lift up, and recognize that our tongue will pour out the condition of our heart and spirit.

Neal shared how our influence on the people around us can have a lasting impact on the direction of their lives.  A single good or bad experience with a friend or family member could define that relationship for the rest of our lives together.

My greatest challenge in writing this blog will be to control my words and be mindful of the potential influence it could have on my friends, my family, and total random strangers (I’ve decided to open it to all).  I don’t want to sacrifice my convictions and the Truth, but I also know there are ways to share Truth without using ugly words.

Help me Lord to find the words to share Your working in my heart.


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