School Performance

One thought I had after writing about Homeschooling.

I have several friends that are public school educators.  My late grandmother was a middle school principal in Seoul.  My own brother has a heart for teaching, though he tends to favor teaching overseas.  Most of the time, public school teachers are dedicated people who really want to reach the children entrusted in their care.

(Don’t get me wrong.  There are plenty of clock watchers and pension grabbers that could care less if your child is getting the education he needs.)

The problem is not one of motivation or lack of good intention.  And I don’t blame any good teachers out there for the plight our children are in.  The problem is that the whole system is setup for failure from the start.  And once again, WE, the citizens, are to blame.  We, however, also have the power to take back control of our children’s education.


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