Writing for the Remnant

Have to post this link again.  Thanks Tanya for sharing this with me.  And I apologize in advance, I’m probably going to embarrass you.

Isaiah’s Job – Albert Jay Nock – Mises Daily

I’ll have to admit that when I first started blogging a few weeks ago, I had no idea if anyone would notice or care.  It’s an interesting sociological study of narcissism, I’m sure, but Nock’s opening dialogue with his European scholarly friend captures exactly how I had felt at first.  David and a couple other friends have turned me on to reading some great books recently, and I felt compelled to share my enthusiasm, my “A HA!” moments, with the masses.

And I will further admit that it was pretty quiet out there.  I had no idea who was reading this other than a couple friends that have decided to follow my blog.  Soon, I started to wonder if I was making a fool of myself or wasting my time.
For those of you who’ve never heard of it, Gary Chapman wrote a book called the 5 Love Languages.  There’s actually a place at his website that you can take a test to see which is your Love Language.  I can tell you that I’m all about getting the “ata boy!” or as Chapman calls it, Words of Affirmation.  Some people like Gifts or spending Quality Time.  Me.  I just need to hear genuine, verbal (or written) praise.  I can have the worst day ever but someone tells me what a great job I’m doing or, even better, recognizes my work before my peers — man, I can quickly gather up enough strength to tackle a dozen more days just like it.  Now, I’m not talking about pandering which is really the opposite of Words of Affirmation.  When it’s forced or fake, pandering accomplishes exactly what you don’t want to happen with speaking someone’s love language.
So anyway, as I begin to doubt whether I should continue this, whether I’m having any impact at all on anyone — my new friend Tanya appears.  From out of nowhere.  I’ve never met her.  I’m told she’s stumbled upon my blog coincidentally.  But she immediately encourages me to keep writing, sharing her own thoughts and experiences (mind you, with a total stranger), and this gives me the confirmation I needed.
I have a good friend now named Laura that is also following my blog.  Laura and I became friends under similar circumstances.  When I was blogging years ago on xanga while still living in Chicago, we too stumbled upon each other — probably because we were both homeschooling or shared conservative, Christian values.  We started writing, encouraging and commenting on each other’s blogs, and then something amazing happened.  God gave me an opportunity to take a job in TX and moved my family here.  Not long after moving, we had a chance to go to Houston for my daughter’s rhythmic gymnastics competition.  And finally, our families were able to meet for the first time.  We are still very close and keep in touch through Facebook and blogging.
As if that weren’t enough, I find out that my friend David and now his father-in-law have been encouraged to begin blogging as a result of what I had done.
And so I want to say to all of you, thank you.  I will continue to write and share my journey with y’all, the Remnant.  You have restored my hope in humanity and reminded me of the importance of taking a stand for what I believe is right.

3 thoughts on “Writing for the Remnant

  1. Tim, I'm really glad to hear you've been encouraged by our conversations this week! I've been really blessed by finding your blog too. And I'm not embarrassed, lol–it's obvious that God is using your efforts to encourage the Body of Christ, and I'm sure the timing is no coincidence. Actually, I was sharing some similar sentiments with my husband this morning when we went for coffee. I was saying how I had been feeling really conflicted about my views on government (and I hate unresolved conflict, even in my own head!), and how my communication with you this week had really helped me sort some of that out. We talked a lot about how "iron sharpens iron", like you said in your first response to my comment. He observed how we can squash that process by falling back on "just be fully convinced in your own mind" instead of being willing to be challenged in our thinking by fellow Believers.I like the love languages book too. I am "acts of service", so if someone else cleans the bathroom I'm on top of the world! 🙂 You've given me a reminder to make sure I'm noticing those things and meeting the needs of my family.I'm also thinking how the internet is pretty awesome! One of the few examples of where we still have liberty, and it seems to work pretty well!


  2. A former co-worker and friend of mine and I once joked that our ideal jobs would be modern day philosophers. If we could figure out how to sit around, drink coffee, and think deep thoughts on the human condition and the struggles of morality and freedom, society and liberty, AND to get paid for it, we would never stop working. I guess until we figure that out, it will have to be a part-time endeavor. At least it's free.


  3. Yeah, sign me up! Although, to be honest, as much as I love thinking deep thoughts and talking philosophy, I'm just as inspired by how we take that philosophy and walk it out day by day in our lives.


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