Random Homeschool Plug

I took my son, Samuel, to the Department of Public Services (aka the DMV) to get a state ID card.  (He’s 8.)  He’s going on a trip with his grandparents and older sisters, and I wanted him to have a picture ID on him like them.  The state of TX requires 3 forms of identification in order to receive an ID card.  I had his birth certificate and his SS card.  I don’t have any other form of ID . . .  which is why I’m getting him a state ID.  The officer told me that most parents usually bring in a Verification of Enrollment from the child’s school as a 3rd form of ID.  I informed him that Samuel is homeschooled.  The officer replied that I could fill out the VOE myself, since I was his teacher.

Anyway, after a long wait, I filled out all of the paperwork and a female clerk called our number.  She told Samuel to sign his name on a couple forms.  When he started to sign, the woman commented on how nice his cursive was.  She then sighed and lamented that the public schools are no longer teaching kids cursive handwriting.

My wife told me this once, but I was still shocked.  I asked the clerk how kids will ever learn to write.  She did not have an answer.

Not only are our children being robbed of the most basic and fundamental skills of good citizenship, but the feel-good-about-myself curriculum and entitlement matriculation mentality is only setting them up for failure someday in the real world and destroying our future as world leaders.

2 thoughts on “Random Homeschool Plug

  1. I know, Tim. There are so many things that they don’t learn in public school now. I am quite sure that there are some gaps in our homeschooling, but I believe Jami is receiving a better education overall and becoming a better person in general thanks to our precious freedom to homeschool.


    1. L – don’t think you have to worry about Jami. She’s well ahead of the curve. And it’s not just about learning more. A lot of the junk in the schools today is filling our kids with useless fluff or outright lies. We’re keeping all that stuff out of our school.


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