Can’t we all just get along?

Again, too long since my last update.  So much going on.   I’m thinking I should just do a weekly wrap up of all my FB comments / links / discussions (as well as conversations with friends) on my blog to keep track.

A shout out to Brad and Tom at the Annoying Peasant Radio and all their fans.  Started listening live and I’ve enjoyed the chat room dialogue.  Tues nights at 8:30 pm cst.

So, we’ve re-elected a President.  And, the political name calling / finger pointing has ratcheted up to new heights (or would that be lows?)  It’s amazing how people that can sit and laugh and joke about kids, work, spouses, TV shows, and the price of the newest iPad can get so angry and ugly when it comes to politics.  I’ll admit I’ve been guilty of starting many arguments that have resulted in friends on FB un-friending me or even blocking me completely.  In college days, I used to ride the bus with a good friend that was as Left as could be.  We used to get into these shouting arguments that would make everyone (including my future wife) nervous and uncomfortable.

But with age and experience, this year was a very different election for me and my wife.  When you allow yourself the freedom NOT to choose from 2 parties that are both horrible, your world view completely turns around.  When you realize that the “choice” between spending money you don’t have on worldwide welfare vs. worldwide militarism really doesn’t make much difference, you understand that the problem is not WHERE we’re spending on credit but THAT we’re spending on credit.  When you wake up and understand that we’re not electing a religious authority, a CEO, a chief physician, the head of charitable distributions, or your children’s schoolmaster, you no longer hold them accountable to deliver on such needs.

I have friends that voted for Obama.  I have friends that voted for Romney.  I have friends that voted for Gary Johnson.  I have friends that did not vote.  I love them all because I’m not friends with them because of their allegiance to the donkey or the elephant or the porcupine or the walrus.  And every day, it’s my mission to try and make people think.  Think about their values and why they hold them dear.  Think about whether there are better ways to achieve their end goals than using force or violence.  Think about whether it’s really the Christian thing to do to shun anyone that doesn’t agree with your interpretation of God’s word.


One thought on “Can’t we all just get along?

  1. Great post, Tim! I’m so glad you’ve been joining us in the chat room on the radio show. Tom and Brad’s show and our discussion group are something I enjoy immensely. Even though we may not be in exactly the same place on views of government, I’ve been honored to have been on the path of “rethinking” with you! It sounds like you and your wife are just about exactly where Luke and I were at the last election. So, the inside joke with my like-minded friends lately is this–“What’s the difference between a minarchist and an anarchist? About six months to a year.” Watch out, lol!


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