And the horse you rode in on

Had a late lunch today because i was in back to back meetings.  Grabbed some Mexican food while the boys were at tae kwon do.

The only other customers at 4:00 pm were 2 women.  Don’t know how long they were there, but they were having drinks, laughing and having a good time.
Now, some statists or moral legalists would probably be saying “what are they doing drinking alcohol at 4 in the afternoon?   It should be illegal.”

To which i would reply, “what business is it of yours?” 

Now, of course, someone is going to say “are they drinking and driving?   Because that should be (and is) illegal.”


This is the thinking of the moral legalist.  We need to protect society from ourselves so we should make everything illegal.   Meanwhile,  we remove any personal responsibility or thought from the process.  I can tell you that if you approach raising your children this way, they will be incapable of making any moral decisions on their own someday.

Same goes for drugs, credit cards, candy from strangers, violent video games.

Never mind the fact that prohibition is hugely ineffective and a total waste of resources.

So please. Stop trying to legislate the use of violence to carry out your discomfort with others’ freedom, even the freedom to choose wrong. The mob will be coming for you next. By then, it will be too late.


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