Economic complexities do not render simple economic principles incorrect

This is pretty much what I think whenever a Socialist responds to my simple questions with “not everything is about money”.

Inside McFloogle's Mind

I think I’m beginning to understand part of the reason that some people lack an understanding of economics.  Some people just cannot get past the logic and reasoning that comprise economic principles.  This leads to frustration, dismissal, and a general “we’re getting nowhere” in conversation.

While on a message board, I found myself in a debate about “Economics 101.”  My opponent believed that the economic world does not operate on the principles of basic economics.  I asked about the validity of the laws of demand and decreasing marginal utility.  According to this person, they only worked in theory, but not in practice.  When challenged to come up with an example of either of these two concepts being incorrect, he replied:

Sure. The core of the law of demand. The law of demand states, in essence, “if all else is equal, the more the price rises, the lower the demand, and…

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