Stupid is as stupid does

There are smart, intelligent people out there that still make stupid assumptions / mistakes.  Not talking about ‘oops, I dropped an egg on the ground’ kind of mistake.  I’m talking “$15 minimum wage in Seattle will raise the standard of living” kind of stupid.  It defies logic.  It’s what I call “unicorn, double rainbow, economics”.  It sounds wonderful, but it’s not based on any kind of reality.

In the same way, Christians are not immune from making terrible decisions.  The “Health and Wealth” false gospel teaches that if you have enough faith, God will shower you with riches, comfort, good health, and a stress free life.  Tell that to the apostles that were beaten, imprisoned, or put to death for preaching the deity of Christ.

Too often, people are guilty of trusting the person, not the message, because they seem to have the right credentials.  Just because I’ve got a Master’s degree doesn’t mean I’m an expert at culinary arts, carpentry, automotive repair, fashion or engineering.

Examine the message, no matter who the author / orator.  Christians, especially, I implore you to act as the Bereans — examine the Scriptures and test every thought and deed.  Don’t put your faith in the Doug Phillips or Rick Warrens or John MacArthurs of our time.  These are human beings.  Flawed.  Prone to sin.

I will often quote in my writing Libertarian quotes, commentaries from other writers, and headlines from AP clips.  I do so because of the context and message, not because I’m blindly following some expert.


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