Repost: Matt Walsh’s “5 Reasons Why Abortion Never Empowers Women”

As a Libertarian, I cannot reconcile taking an unborn child’s life as it is a direct violation of the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP).  As a Christian, Exodus 20:13 (also known as the 6th Commandment) reads “You shall not murder.”



3 thoughts on “Repost: Matt Walsh’s “5 Reasons Why Abortion Never Empowers Women”

  1. How do you reconcile God commanding Joshua to kill all of the men, women, children and animals in Canaan as a libertarian adherent of the nonaggression principle?


  2. Good question, and I suppose it requires a little clarification for those that are not readers of my earlier posts. I am a libertarian which is to say I have a political philosophy about the proper role of government, the use of force, and a set of values that broadly encompass how men should behave with other men. I am firstly, however, a Christian by faith because I believe that God created the heavens and the earth. The NAP is a human principle, not a moral absolute, in my opinion. Many libertarians also recognize the NAP is not an absolute and must, from time to time, be weighed against other factors.

    Back to your question, I’m guessing you are arguing that God’s command to kill the Canaanites including women, children and animals, somehow gives illegitimacy to God’s holiness or moral authority. If that’s not your point, please clarify. I believe I don’t have the right to arbitrarily take someone’s life. There’s a difference though when God commands His people to carry out His judgement and wipe out cities or entire nations for disobedience and sin. He alone has the authority as He can both create and take life.

    The context in history is also important to the understanding of Scripture. There was a time where God spoke through His prophets to carry out judgement. With the birth, death and resurrection of Christ, I believe God’s judgement is reserved until after our deaths, though it is clear the reckoning is still to come.

    I am not, and I question those that feel they are, in a position to take someone’s life as an act of judgement. So conveniently, the NAP matches my faith in practice — not as the foundation of my faith.


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