Both sides agree – Birth Control is Not Your Employer’s Business



Big news from the Supreme Court today. Hobby Lobby successfully made their case that the Obamacare mandate to provide birth control violated the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). Predictably, the leftist / statist movement is looking at this as some kind of indoctrination of religion, giving the same rights that individuals are guaranteed to big, greedy corporations, and a violation of a female employee’s religious / non-religious rights. You may have even seen some “smoke-and-mirrors argument that IUD’s cost less than minimum wage” nonsense.

This is how backward our society has become. Taxpayers, whether employees of corporate or private entrepreneurs, are told that they have to pay for the birth control of complete strangers, probably from another town, state or coast, because refusing to do so, violates THEIR rights.


I know many of my conservative friends on FB are cheering this decision as some kind of victory for Christian values and in a way, I’ll admit we get to the same place. But I’m not opposed to paying for anyone’s birth control on the grounds that it violates my religious objection to birth control itself (and friends, my recommendation is that you stop labeling it as such. #slipperyslope). I’M OPPOSED TO THEFT which is exactly what you support when you force others to pay for your things be it education, health care, food stamps, or housing. Forcing employers to pay for birth control ultimately comes out of our pockets.

The preposterousness of the leftist fervor goes even one step further. Those that support Liberty are accused of being selfish and greedy because we don’t want to pay. We’re also lambasted for even the hint of commenting on reproductive rights. Saw this and reposted on FB. Pretty much sums up the broken logic in the statist’s argument.

I applaud the decision today because it’s a small step for Liberty, not just religious freedom.  We have a long way to go, but I’ll take the “W” today.


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