Even in the 24th Century, Private Property and Wars Will Still Remain

Been incredibly busy with work and family matters, and I know I promised a post on whether Results Matter or Not which will be forthcoming. But in the meantime, here’s a quick thought I had while watching re-runs of Star Trek the Next Generation.

Many TNG fans love the fact that there’s no money anymore in the 24th Century. Thanks to the replicator, pretty much anything can be produced by converting energy into matter. Fans look to this as the model of the future where war and disease and hunger and greed will disappear from the universe. This is also the mirage that Socialists are chasing after in the desert.

Unfortunately, even with unlimited replication, human nature defies the eradication of these cancers. Gene Roddenberry couldn’t simply write them out of existence.

Take for example, episode 22 of Season 3 – The Most Toys. Kivas Fajo is a trader of rare and one-of-a-kind items – a Collector, if you will. In this episode, he goes to great lengths to kidnap Data. Why? Because he’s one of a kind.

There doesn’t have to be “money” in order to have Greed or Covetousness. King David had all the wealth of Israel under his command. And yet, he still coveted Uriah’s wife, Bathsheba. David sent Uriah to his death to hide the fact that took Bathsheba as his own.

Scarcity is the fundamental constant of the economic universe whether we’re talking about sentient androids, food, shelter, gold, time, or relationships. As a libertarian, I abhor violence and war. I think most rational people, given the choice, will see that voluntary exchange and cooperation creates Win-Win scenarios for everybody. But as a Christian, I know that men have a sinful, selfish nature. This is why they will murder and steal and lie to take that which is not theirs. Our aim should be to promote peace and cooperation, but don’t think for one minute that simply taking away Money or Private Property will magically remove Greed.


2 thoughts on “Even in the 24th Century, Private Property and Wars Will Still Remain

  1. I have spent years wondering what it is that makes some people so generous and kind and others so wicked and greedy. A timeless question it seems.


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