Christians, Follow Your Conscience

So, yesterday was Halloween. And many people celebrated, both children and adults, by dressing up in costumes, Trick or Treating, attending parties, or handing out candy to strangers. I’ll admit, when I was a child, I did what any American kid did and followed the crowd. It seemed like fun, and I jumped at any chance to score free candy.

If you are in your 40’s or older like me, you’ve probably seen Halloween turn noticeably darker and darker over the years. Sure, kids still dress up in their favorite Star Wars / superhero costumes. And there were Haunted Houses in the 70’s and 80’s. But like anything else, we keep pushing the envelope. You might have seen a jack-o-lantern or some fake bats or even a scarecrow decorating some yards years ago. These days, we have the pleasure of driving by scenes like these for weeks before Oct 31.


I won’t even post pictures of adults, particularly women, pushing the sexy costume bit every year.

If you are not a Christian, do your thing. I wouldn’t expect anything different from you.

To my readers who claim to follow Christ, I just ask you to examine this holiday and think about what kind of message you are sending to your (or other) children.

My wife and I decided long ago that there was nothing about Halloween that seemed to fit with our understanding of the Scriptures. We’ve heard many arguments, from Christians, supporting Halloween.


We shouldn’t fear Halloween.

It’s an opportunity to get to know your neighbors/ a chance to share the Gospel with kids coming to your door (that one always made me laugh).

It’s all in fun.

You don’t want your kids to miss out.

We celebrate, but we don’t get into all the gory, bloody, witchcraft or necromancy.


My children play dress up whenever they feel like it. We keep candy and treats stocked up in our pantry 365 days a year. There’s no shortage of opportunities to get to know your neighbors or even share the gospel with them if that’s what you really desire to do. All I’m asking is for you to follow your conscience and think before following the crowd.


2 thoughts on “Christians, Follow Your Conscience

  1. Awesome! We do not celebrate this day either. There is no reason for it. As a Christ follower I know that the bible teaches us to stay away from witchcraft which is the purpose of this day. We can make excuses all day, but will we be lukewarm? And what does Jesus say about it? We are to be in the world not of it.


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