I know this will offend many of you, but please read it through before lashing out

You don’t protect my freedom: Our childish insistence on calling soldiers heroes deadens real democracy


Ref:  I Hate War

8 thoughts on “I know this will offend many of you, but please read it through before lashing out

  1. In the spirit of staying unbiased I will contain my self-righteousness and keep this reply free of hostility. What would nations do without a military? If a majority of this world were pacifists then we would be allowing evil to prevail. Most veterans do not consider themselves “heroes” not do a majority of us go above and beyond to be recognized. The ones that constantly throw their service in everyone’s face are either very young or have an agenda. I do love this country, I love everything that most of us take for granted. I am no hero though, I am just a guy who chose to answer the call of a nation that was crippled by an act of terrorism. I will not be going out today and taking advantage of every single freebie that is offered. Instead I will be at home and remembering the men who never made it home from war. I have, and will continue to blend in with the rest of the country.


    1. Have you read my previous post “I Hate War” linked above? I make the distinction between Defense and overseas Military presence. What would the world do without the US setting up bases all over the globe, policing / escalating conflicts between 2 or more countries we have no business in, oftentimes arming both sides of long, entrenched battles? Do you believe acts of terrorism on our shores were unprovoked? They just hated our freedom? Google “Ron Paul blowback” for more details.


      1. I apologize, you are correct. The US does over involve itself in certain countries. However, regardless of that, I would never ever hesitate to answer my Country’s call. For those who are on the ground and are putting themselves in danger, its not about being patriotic, its about being there for your comrades. Be anti-war all you want, it is not something that is glamorous or awe-inspiring. The only point I am making is that a majority of those who actually do see combat do not give one single F about the politics behind it. I only wanted to stand up for those of us who didn’t wage war.


        1. Is being there for your comrades include sexually assaulting your own, as Masciotra points out? “one-third of women seeking medical care in the VA system reported experiencing rape or sexual violence while in the military …. According to the Pentagon, 38 men are sexually assaulted every single day in the U.S. military.” Not to say that everyone in the military is a sexual predator or victim, and hopefully you are not one of the statistics. But I call to question whether your sense of comradeship is shared by everyone else in your ranks.

          I’m not anti-war because it’s glamorous. As I’ve posted previously, I’m anti-war because we are making matters worse with our wars, creating new problems / enemies, and killing countless innocents because some secretive, authoritarian regime controlled by a few decides it’s the Country’s call to duty. Suffice it to say that we have a difference of opinion of what constitutes Honorable actions. Just following orders, in my mind, isn’t honorable at all. It takes honor and courage to question phantom leadership in a vacuum and to stand up for what is right.


          1. Again, I agree with most of what you are saying. I do feel like some of our “interventions” have been unecessary and are in the process lf creating greater hardships for us to deal with down the road. As far as the sexual assaults that are prevelent in our military.. I was in an all male unit, so no, I did not personally have to confront those issues regarding female troops. I did, however, know quite a few homosexual males who had bravely come out and were accepted by us all. But you would never hear of that story, instead you hear about outwardly gay males in the military being hazed and ostricized. Does our military have a bug issue with individuals being sexually assaulted? Yes, absolutely, but the people committing those atrocities are the minority and not the majority.


            1. I think that’s one of the points that Masciotra is making with his article. You are making the case that blanket statements painting the military for the evil behaviors of many (yes, 33% is not a majority, but I think that’s still too much) are unjustified. I agree with his point that in the same way, blanket ‘free passes’ for all military under the umbrella of “Honor” and “Hero” should be questioned. Not saying there aren’t many that deserve that distinction. Not about to salute them all.


              1. Yes, the percentage is entirely too high! Honesty it shoukd not even exist, it should not even be a thought that any service member thinks of!


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