Your Dollars Are More Powerful Than Votes

It’s that time of year when the internet starts buzzing about Christmas Creep (no, not the weird guy from your office that always hits on you at the holiday party). It’s the fact that Retailers start pushing Christmas products earlier in the year. This year, I saw Christmas trees and lights on sale in Costco 2 weeks before Halloween.

People get all in a twisted huff because it ain’t right. There are rules here. We need to first celebrate Halloween. THEN, we need to appreciate Thanksgiving which means, stores should be closed on Thanksgiving. Employees should be allowed forced to have the day off. THEN, on Black Friday, we can officially start to prepare for Christmas.

Traditionally, my wife and children start breaking out the Christmas gear on Nov 1. I don’t get it, but hey, the kids are all excited and the house looks festive. The tree’s already up. Garland and lights and stockings are everywhere. My role in all of this is take down the boxes from the closet and put them away. (We usually don’t do outdoor decorations.)

People online start bemoaning Christmas Creep, starting petitions and online ‘awareness’ of which Retailers are the most egregious offenders. I’m waiting for some politician to propose legislation to make it illegal to see any Christmas décor until Black Friday. Mark my words. You read it here first.

Here’s the thing. YOU have the power to reverse Retailers’ Christmas Creep (good luck convincing my wife and children). And you don’t have to pass any laws. You don’t have to start rioting or protesting.

Just. Don’t. Participate.

Don’t buy any 50% off wrapping paper in October. Don’t go tree shopping the first week of November. Stop buying the holiday-colored Hershey’s Kisses (just buy the regular silver ones). If you work for a Retailer that calls you in on Thanksgiving evening, find a new job.

There’s no need to resort to coercion because the holidays are overlapping like a pair of identical forks in the dishwasher. The dollars you spend at a place of business are like votes. (They are actually more powerful than votes because your message goes straight to the intended audience, not some representative bought by a PAC that has to try and get your request through a subcommittee to have a discussion on whether your viewpoint is important enough to make the headlines.)

When you buy something, you are telling management “YES, MORE PLEASE!”. If you don’t buy, shelves stay full, stock becomes old and might even perish, and businesses scramble to figure out what it is that you want to buy instead (or at what price). As the old saying goes, Money Talks.

Now I’m all for sharing information voluntarily. If you want to organize and encourage others to use their $$ votes to influence businesses, go ahead. But I know when I was a teenager, I used to love working the holidays because that meant 1.5x pay. Didn’t stop anyone from coming into the gas station to fill up on Christmas morning.

Come on, live a little. Enjoy your eggnog and Christmas cookies at Thanksgiving. Peace.


5 responses to “Your Dollars Are More Powerful Than Votes

  1. You can call it Christmas Creep, or whatever. The children and I put up all the Christmas decor to drum up the anticipation of celebrating Christ’s birthday with a party just as their own. (yes, the children know it’s not his REAL EXACT birthday, but the one we choose to celebrate with countless believers). Just as we anticipated the birth of each of our children and celebrating their birthdays, we are joyous to celebrate Christ’s birth. Yes, we always have birthday cake too.

    On Thanksgiving, we are reminded, as Christians, what we are most thankful for-not pilgrims or turkeys. We give thanks with a grateful heart to GOD, for the gift of His Son, His plan of salvation to redeem the world, and His amazing Grace that He pours out on us daily.

    And, just like our birthday decorations, they all come down the next day. Dec. 26. NO MORE DECORATIONS!


  2. Oh, I have such mixed emotions here! While I love Christmas because it’s a celebration of Jesus’s birth, I get really stressed by all the preparations that “have” to be done in the middle of all the regular day-to-day stuff that has to be done. Like Dickens wrote in “A Christmas Carol,” “I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year . . .”

    My favorite holiday is (and has been for years) Thanksgiving. I love fixing a good meal with my family, enjoying each other’s company, watching a little football and taking a nap! While I don’t want to legislate what is or is not permissible, I personally choose to keep my holidays separate! 🙂


    • If we can somehow wrap all the holidays into one, that would be awesome. I’m thinking deep-fried turkey and heart shaped Peeps and chocolate leprechauns for dessert while trimming the trees beneath the fireworks.


  3. You had me at “chocolate leprechauns” . . . I could be persuaded to mix things up a bit if chocolate is involved. 😉


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