Life Matters

Trying to stay positive, especially with Christmas and New Year coming up, but there’s so much negative news lately. In particular, the escalation of violence seems to be getting worse. Maybe it’s not escalation but more awareness of it.

I’ve written previously about how I abhor violence and war and the taking of life. In the last few months, we’ve had more violence breaking out in Ferguson, MO and NYC. We’ve learned some details about the CIA’s regular use of torture as a way of gaining intelligence (though the report finds torture was ineffective in gaining any meaningful intelligence).

People are angry. Some are crying racism and oppression. Others are shouting back “obey the law”. Some are defending law enforcement and the military at all costs and without question because they put their lives on the line every day. Others are going around killing cops as a result of their anger.

Julie Borowski put this video clip together, and she made the comment that it’s sad that this actually has to be said.


What’s even more alarming is that we can’t even agree on that. We can’t agree that taking lives — no matter if we’re talking about the lives of tax-avoiding citizens, shoplifters or policemen sitting in their car — is wrong. We can’t all agree that torture is inhumane and should never be used, even if our enemies choose to use it. If we can’t all get behind the sanctity of Life — Human Life regardless of nationality, ethnicity, occupation or religion — then really, is there any doubt we’re never going to agree on whether we should allow prayer in school, a $20 minimum wage, voter ID card requirements, gay marriage equality, or the end of the war on drugs?

It’s not about political party lines or how to score more votes.  It’s more than simply following orders or obeying laws without ever questioning their legitimacy.

Life is sacred. How you choose to live your life is your business. I can’t understand why that’s so hard to get behind.

Increase peace.


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