Without Freedom of Speech, We Are All Slaves to the Mob

Did you ever completely lose your train of thought because something much bigger or terrifying came along and overshadowed your first thought?

I was actually thinking of writing about Freedom of Speech toward the end of the year when today, the horrible news broke out that 12 journalists and policemen were shot and killed by Islamic fascist terrorists in Paris over satirical cartoons of their prophet Muhammad. My heart and prayers go out to the victims and their families.  I would hope peaceful Muslims around the world would do the same.

I completely reject censorship of any kind. To me, any individual or a group of people trying to silence your voice through the threat of violence is reprehensible. That means taking the good with the bad. Even the most offensive hate speech, slander or liable, racist rants or ‘artwork’, sexist banter, or anti-religious propaganda has to be allowed expression in order to remain a Free Society. (As always, the limits of expression have to be where physical harm is involved. Violating the Non-Aggression Principle is not a moral excuse in the name of Free Speech.)

What this does NOT mean is that I have to pay you any mind or provide a venue for you to express your thoughts. In other words, Free Speech is your Negative Right and does not create Positive Rights on me to listen. Freedom of Speech doesn’t mean the taxpayers have to allow porn on their library computers. It doesn’t mean teachers in public schools have to teach every single religion or theory of how the universe began. Freedom of Speech doesn’t mean I have to allow you to march your parades thorough my place of business. It doesn’t mean I have to put up with your plans to stage a “Black Lives Matter” protest during the SuperBowl.

Our Negative Rights to Freedom of Speech simply mean that any attempt to silence our voices or opinions is immoral. But do it on your own dime.

For more information on Rights, read my previous post on Positive vs. Negative Rights.


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