Random updates

Been on a long break from blogging, though there’s been plenty going on.   First, I got a new job.  Same company, still in Finance, different department.  It’s a good career move for me, giving me a lot more exposure to other areas of the bank.  The role, however, requires me to move my family to the Charlotte, NC area.  After almost 10 years in Texas, we’re venturing out to the East Coast.  My wife has been feverishly searching for homes in South Carolina — the Rock Hill / Fort Mill areas.  SC has lower taxes, you get more bang for your buck in housing, it’s much more homeschooling friendly, and the commute to Charlotte isn’t too bad.  I’ve been working from home for over 5 years, so any commute is going to be a change for us.

We’re still very early in the process.  Repairing / upgrading a few things around the house to get it ready for the market.  Then we have to go to SC to start looking at homes.  My new manager has been very gracious in allowing me ample time to pack up, sell our house, and move.

Looking back over the last 10 years in TX, we’ve had a wonderful ride.  3 boys were born in TX.  I’ve promoted several times within the same company, each time to more challenging and interesting positions.  And yes, we’ve done well financially despite a housing market crash (in which we basically bought at the top).  I’ve earned my MBA while working full-time.  We’ve made many wonderful friends here and thanks to technology, we’ll continue to stay in touch even after we move.

The free market is a wonderful thing if we would just leave it alone.  In a free market, employees can search for more opportunities to fit their career goals, skill set, family needs, or intellectual curiosities.  We can weigh the costs and benefits of getting more education to help us meet those goals.  We can look beyond our home towns, state, or even country for better opportunities and greener pastures.  The free market rewards those that innovate, work more efficiently, and drive productive value rather than engaging in mindless activity.

Employers in a truly free market can hire and fire based on their needs and available resources.  They will compete against other employers to attract or retain top talent by offering competitive salaries, benefits, vacation time, and a host of creative perks.  Savvy employers will embrace diversity in the workplace, not because of a government mandate, but because their customers and business partners are diverse.

Tradesmen, artists, craftsmen, and service providers thrive in a free market as long as their goods and services are in demand and are competitively priced.  The market will dictate and communicate fair prices and relative value, not some bureaucrat thousands of miles away.

As mind-boggling as it is to daily read how ignorant and clueless the average Statist is –whether they’re left-wing socialists buying into the “Bernie stands with the people by stealing from everyone” nonsense or the right-wing “bigger military / police state” hawks and crony capitalists — I am thankful that God continues to provide and bless my family, despite the growing State.

The next few months will be intense and volatile for our family, but I’m excited to see what God has in store for us in the next chapter of our life.


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