A quick thought on the additional benefits of the Free Market 

Any reputable economist will tell you that the cure for racism, sexism, and religious xenophobia is not regulation or more government but the Free Market.  When I buy a digital song or a car or a pair of jeans or a TV or a house or some chimichangas, I am unknowingly supporting millions of people from all walks of life and geography — men, women, old, young, black, white, Asian, Hispanic, gay, straight, Christian, Muslim, Jews, atheist​, and even poor and rich.

The Free Market doesn’t care who or what you are. It only cares what value you can bring to the table.  To produce anything, all of the components, parts, assembly, raw materials, financing, transport, warehousing, marketing, sales, and management come together, usually without central planning, without the need for coercion, and without any extra incentives other than individuals seeking out their own self interests. And yet, in the midst of the selfish anarchy of Free Will and Voluntary Association, every day people put aside all of the things that divide us and are able to work together on the majority of the things that unite us.

#Embraceliberty #MiltonFriedman #Rothbard #Hamsandwich #Thepencil #Adamsmith #Invisiblehand


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