The Cares Act will cost us more than $2 Trillion

The Cares Act is now law and those that embrace Liberty are being criticized for daring to question adding another $2 TRILLION to our national debt.  See if you’ve had this exchange with any of your statist friends and family.


Govt: we ordered Chuckie Cheese Pineapple pizza for everyone. Your share of the bill is $27,000.

Me: Wait, what? That’s horrible. I didn’t ask for this. I could go out and get my own lunch with better choices and for way less money. $27k is my whole lifetime budget for take-out meals and then some. I’ll have nothing left.

Bootlicker #1: You should be thankful. Half the office doesn’t even get any because they aren’t in today.

Me: Do they still have to pay?

Bootlicker #2: Of course they do. We voted.

Me: That’s even worse and doesn’t make me feel any better about being stuck with this bill. Isn’t there a way I can opt-out of this?

Bootlicker #3: Why do you want Uncle George to starve?

Me: What? How is his hunger on me?

Bootlicker #4: You’re so greedy and selfish. This is a time to pull together and unite!

Me: All I’m saying is that I don’t like Chuckie Cheese Pineapple pizza and this bill severely limits my ability to take care of my family and myself.

Govt: Then don’t take any. Here’s your bill.


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