Not my home anymore

Most of the family and I took a short trip back to Dallas-Fort Worth to attend our friends' son's wedding this weekend.  Two of our older children stayed home because they had work and school.  We drove from Charlotte, stayed overnight in Birmingham, and arrived the day before the wedding. Drove straight through on the … Continue reading Not my home anymore


Starting the year off with a bang

New blog layout. What do you think? With just over a week left in January 2021, so much has happened already this year. Yes, Creepy Joe and "soon-to-be stepping into his place" Kamala have taken the White House. What's the current over/under on how long Joe pretends to sit in the seat before stepping down? … Continue reading Starting the year off with a bang

2020 Year End Review

I wouldn't be a blogger if I didn't have an obligatory End of 2020 post. Someday, I'll look back at this and think "What a crazy time that was!" Not going to do a play-by-play, but there are a few moments and epiphanies that I had this year that I want to capture for myself. … Continue reading 2020 Year End Review

I’m Thankful For You

There's no shortage of social media coverage of the protests, riots, looting, violence, and the endless finger-pointing. And I'm more guilty than most for jumping into the pool with both feet, dropping a snickers bar, and angering many of my friends. If I had to guess, I've probably alienated 75% of my friends to the … Continue reading I’m Thankful For You

There’s still time to stop the 1984 response to COVID-19 before it’s too late.

  This is going to be a long one.  Maybe I should write more regularly instead of trying to do a total brain dump all at once. How does one measure the value of life? It seems to undergird much of the debate, fear, and frustration these days. Can you put a price on someone's … Continue reading There’s still time to stop the 1984 response to COVID-19 before it’s too late.