Thoughts on Father’s Day

It's a quiet, Sunday afternoon in our home. After breakfast, the children gave me some cards they had made for me. (In a digital age, I am so thankful that my wife has taught our children the dying art of handwriting letters and making cards for loved ones.) The rest of the morning was spent … Continue reading Thoughts on Father’s Day


Seven Children?!? HOW COME?

  We have a big family. For as long as I can remember, I've always dreamed of having a big family. People have such interesting reactions when they meet us for the first time. I guess it's pretty rare to meet a family of 9 nowadays, but an Asian American family of 9 is practically … Continue reading Seven Children?!? HOW COME?

The U.S. Should Open its Immigration, but . . .

As promised, here's my post on the topic of US Immigration. If you haven't done so already, you should check out the 2 opposing views posted by Nathan Smith and A.M. Fantini on which I will reference throughout this post. Keep in mind that both Smith and Fantini are examining US Immigration from a … Continue reading The U.S. Should Open its Immigration, but . . .

Your Dollars Are More Powerful Than Votes

It's that time of year when the internet starts buzzing about Christmas Creep (no, not the weird guy from your office that always hits on you at the holiday party). It's the fact that Retailers start pushing Christmas products earlier in the year. This year, I saw Christmas trees and lights on sale in Costco … Continue reading Your Dollars Are More Powerful Than Votes

Christians, Follow Your Conscience

So, yesterday was Halloween. And many people celebrated, both children and adults, by dressing up in costumes, Trick or Treating, attending parties, or handing out candy to strangers. I'll admit, when I was a child, I did what any American kid did and followed the crowd. It seemed like fun, and I jumped at any … Continue reading Christians, Follow Your Conscience