Jenny and the 2 oldest girls are on a sewing retreat this weekend.  Really should be doing some work because I have a huge deadline Monday and all the little ones are sleeping at the moment.  Right now, I'm just enjoying our brand new a/c and some quiet. But something's been bugging me for a … Continue reading Forgiveness



Many years ago, an older friend of mine gave me some advice that I’ve kept close to my heart ever since.  He said “if you think about who you were 10 years ago and made a list of what was important to you, what you absolutely knew to be “THE RIGHT WAY” to do things, … Continue reading Change

Just a quick update

I’ve resolved to significantly scale back my Facebook time. I’ve also gone and cut off about half of my ‘friends’ there. At the end of the day, about 10% of the time I get useful information from my friends about what’s going on in their lives. There’s maybe about another 10% of interesting local or … Continue reading Just a quick update

Running the race with endurance

This morning, David shared a message about the economics of salvation.  Not in the sense of money exchange or marginal revenue.  Actually, he asked us to think about everything that it took for us to receive salvation.  He started with his own life today and worked backward.  At some point, he received salvation from his … Continue reading Running the race with endurance