A Father’s Birthday Wish Come True

Today's my birthday.  Not a big deal for me, but I have a wife and 7 children, so it's impossible not to celebrate.  But I was given one of the best presents I could ask for yesterday. My 2nd daughter, Eva, turns 16 in 2 days.  She's very thoughtful and kind, friendly to most strangers, … Continue reading A Father’s Birthday Wish Come True


The Election and the Aftermath

It's been almost a week since the election. I'll admit that I had assumed Hillary was going to win.  Seemed to have been what most people were expecting as well. Certainly, the mainstream media is calling Trump's victory "shocking" and "disheartening". Most of you know that I've given up on voting for a political official. … Continue reading The Election and the Aftermath

Trigglypuffs, Toilets, and Tolerance

No shortage of news to discuss. If you care about the elections, which I don't, every day there seems to be more finger pointing, name calling, skeletons coming out of the closet, and oh yeah, violence amongst the most rabid sycophants defending their leaders (or tearing down their opponents). I'm just as guilty I suppose … Continue reading Trigglypuffs, Toilets, and Tolerance

Liberty – Ends or Means?

If you’ve ever had a moral debate with anyone, invariably the argument will come down to an idea of the Ends and the Means.  The case is laid out something like this: In one camp, the person has a final goal / utopia in mind.  Because you know it’s a righteous goal, getting to your … Continue reading Liberty – Ends or Means?

Random updates

Been on a long break from blogging, though there’s been plenty going on.   First, I got a new job.  Same company, still in Finance, different department.  It’s a good career move for me, giving me a lot more exposure to other areas of the bank.  The role, however, requires me to move my family to … Continue reading Random updates