Pre-Year-End Review

Not my final 2020 in review post, but just some thoughts for today. It will be interesting to see how friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and businesses come out of 2020. For sure, some of the nonsense this year was driven by the election. People actually care about things like that. But the impact of Rona … Continue reading Pre-Year-End Review


No, You Can’t Lose Your Salvation

Well, the title makes it pretty clear that this is going to be another controversial post about Christian living. If that makes you uncomfortable, swipe . . . down? . . . . left? . . . or just move on. I'm amazed how many trolls feel the need to argue with total strangers online, … Continue reading No, You Can’t Lose Your Salvation

A Father’s Birthday Wish Come True

Today's my birthday.  Not a big deal for me, but I have a wife and 7 children, so it's impossible not to celebrate.  But I was given one of the best presents I could ask for yesterday. My 2nd daughter, Eva, turns 16 in 2 days.  She's very thoughtful and kind, friendly to most strangers, … Continue reading A Father’s Birthday Wish Come True

How Healthy Is Your Local Church?

For decades, one alarming by-product of ignoring God's design for building healthy homes and churches I've watched is the fallout rate. Many churches have children that have grown up in the same assembly for most of their lives. And yet, when they reach adulthood, not only do these children never return to the assembly of their youth, but they stop attending a church altogether.