Your children are the product of your training

Ho boy. This is going to upset some people. And if I do offend some of my friends, I'm not trying to crush your spirit. I hope you take this with some salt and try to glean something from my rantings. Everywhere I look, it's obvious that there are multiple generations of people that are … Continue reading Your children are the product of your training


2020 Year End Review

I wouldn't be a blogger if I didn't have an obligatory End of 2020 post. Someday, I'll look back at this and think "What a crazy time that was!" Not going to do a play-by-play, but there are a few moments and epiphanies that I had this year that I want to capture for myself. … Continue reading 2020 Year End Review

Not Everything is About Race

I was listening to a white man, who is married to a Hispanic woman, share his outrage over racism in 2020.  This man married a native South American - can't recall which country he said she was from.  Spanish was her first and dominant language.  She had also learned English.  I believe he even said … Continue reading Not Everything is About Race

A Father’s Birthday Wish Come True

Today's my birthday.  Not a big deal for me, but I have a wife and 7 children, so it's impossible not to celebrate.  But I was given one of the best presents I could ask for yesterday. My 2nd daughter, Eva, turns 16 in 2 days.  She's very thoughtful and kind, friendly to most strangers, … Continue reading A Father’s Birthday Wish Come True

Prepare Your Children For Adulthood

Are we getting our money's worth with public education?  Take a good look around you.  When you are going to work, shopping at the grocery, driving in your car, hiring a plumber, calling Customer Service, making a deposit at your bank, going out to the movies, dining at a restaurant -- do you believe, based on the … Continue reading Prepare Your Children For Adulthood