What is your plan and how do we get there?

As a Libertarian, I'm often challenged to lay out my plan for the world. Skeptics want to know every scenario of every issue, with concrete examples and facts to prove that my plan will meet their litmus test of change. "What about the poor? Who will protect the environment? Who will keep the terrorists off … Continue reading What is your plan and how do we get there?


Why do we work?

Came across two related video clips with Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton touting the 'freedom' that the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) gives us. It's not uncommon that different members of a political party will repeat almost verbatim the canned response that the White House has to the latest steaming hot pile on their doorstep. But … Continue reading Why do we work?

School Performance

One thought I had after writing about Homeschooling.I have several friends that are public school educators.  My late grandmother was a middle school principal in Seoul.  My own brother has a heart for teaching, though he tends to favor teaching overseas.  Most of the time, public school teachers are dedicated people who really want to reach … Continue reading School Performance

When you rise up

Aaron Smith of the Mises Institute wrote a very good piece entitled "In Praise of Homeschools" about the motivations, struggles, and prejudices homeschooling families deal with every day.  Jenny and I have been homeschooling our children for almost 10 years now in 2 different states.  While we've never been under the kind of persecution that Californians and … Continue reading When you rise up