Your children are the product of your training

Ho boy. This is going to upset some people. And if I do offend some of my friends, I'm not trying to crush your spirit. I hope you take this with some salt and try to glean something from my rantings. Everywhere I look, it's obvious that there are multiple generations of people that are … Continue reading Your children are the product of your training


How Healthy Is Your Local Church?

For decades, one alarming by-product of ignoring God's design for building healthy homes and churches I've watched is the fallout rate. Many churches have children that have grown up in the same assembly for most of their lives. And yet, when they reach adulthood, not only do these children never return to the assembly of their youth, but they stop attending a church altogether.

When you rise up

Aaron Smith of the Mises Institute wrote a very good piece entitled "In Praise of Homeschools" about the motivations, struggles, and prejudices homeschooling families deal with every day.  Jenny and I have been homeschooling our children for almost 10 years now in 2 different states.  While we've never been under the kind of persecution that Californians and … Continue reading When you rise up