Do you even know what you’re saying?

Socialism, and her inevitable offspring Communism, are gaining popularity once again.  Visions of Che Guevara swell in the hearts and on the T-shirts of the ‘working class’.  Students flock to the local Leftist “Equality” rallies, iPhones and Starbucks Gluten-Free-Mocha-Frappa-Caramelitos in hand.  Disgruntled workers, not feeling the love, covet their CEO’s bonus payout last year without … Continue reading Do you even know what you’re saying?


Thanksgiving is a religious holiday

We had an interesting study in church this morning, and we looked at several verses of Scripture, but in particular, we read Psalm 136 together. It got me thinking. In the United States, we celebrate Thanksgiving every November. In grade school, you might have learned about the pilgrims and the Indians, the harsh winter conditions, … Continue reading Thanksgiving is a religious holiday

Quick updates

Happy Easter / Resurrection Sunday everyone. Sorry for not posting of late, but there's been so much going on . . .  as usual.  Haven't even been able to get much reading done lately.   First off, I've got a new position at work.  It's technically not a promotion as it's the same title / … Continue reading Quick updates

Fellowship through Food

(My youngest brother is probably laughing at me, if he even reads my blog.)   There’s something very intimate and touching about the food we eat.  At the most basic and biological level, we need to eat in order to survive.  But beyond getting our rations for sustenance, so much of our lives revolve around … Continue reading Fellowship through Food