An Evening With Bastiat

Yesterday, my wife and I attended a lecture hosted by the Charlotte chapter of the Bastiat Society.  I was thrilled to learn there was a local chapter in Charlotte and even more excited to learn there was a free lecture being given on Capitalism.  Those who don't know, Claude Frédéric Bastiat was a 19th century … Continue reading An Evening With Bastiat


I Hate War

Another election has come and gone, and the Republicans are celebrating. Yeah! They took over the Senate. Whoo hoo! Promises were made on the campaign trail! Awww snap. Obama's regime is gettin' a smack down! Take that, 2016 Democratic Presidential hopefuls!!! We're finally going to turn this ship around! Obamacare. Loose borders. Out of control … Continue reading I Hate War

Fellowship 3.0 Been seeing this clip trending on Facebook recently and it got me thinking. I understand what the author is trying to convey, that we should try to make connections with people. His premise is that by staring into a little phone display or your computer screen, you're not really engaged with people. (The irony … Continue reading Fellowship 3.0

On Health Care

A friend on FB posted this link (Medical Bills Bankrupt Families of Mentally Ill Children) with no comments and of course, I had something to say about it. But, I restrained myself and decided to opine here instead. The point of this story, of course, it to drum up anger and frustration. Surely, in a … Continue reading On Health Care