Global Intervention

Been trading email back and forth with afriend on this topic, so I thought I’d share a few of my thoughts here and get someadditional feedback.Ron Paul has been criticized by a lot ofConservatives over his foreign policy.  Many don't agree with his view (which, by the way, he's maintainedconsistently long before he thought about … Continue reading Global Intervention


Charity vs. Coercion

When we oppose subsidies, we are charged with opposing the very thing that it was proposed to subsidize and of being the enemies of all kinds of activity, because we want these activities to be voluntary and to seek their proper reward in themselves. Thus, if we ask that the state not intervene, by taxation, … Continue reading Charity vs. Coercion

Give me Liberty, not Morality

I used to be convinced that the biggest problem was that the government was not conservative enough.  I thought, if we took the wrong people out of office and put the right people (no pun intended) in power, then the government would fix the problems of the world.  Maybe if we had Christians running the country, we'd … Continue reading Give me Liberty, not Morality