An Evening With Bastiat

Yesterday, my wife and I attended a lecture hosted by the Charlotte chapter of the Bastiat Society.  I was thrilled to learn there was a local chapter in Charlotte and even more excited to learn there was a free lecture being given on Capitalism.  Those who don't know, Claude Frédéric Bastiat was a 19th century … Continue reading An Evening With Bastiat


What Would You Say, Ya Do, Here?

Just a short thought prompted by an exchange I had recently on Facebook with a former student of mine. When it comes to Labor, there's a difference between Value and Activity. In the free market, Value is determined by the Consumer. Whoever is buying decides if the good or service offered has enough Value to … Continue reading What Would You Say, Ya Do, Here?

Random updates

Been on a long break from blogging, though there’s been plenty going on.   First, I got a new job.  Same company, still in Finance, different department.  It’s a good career move for me, giving me a lot more exposure to other areas of the bank.  The role, however, requires me to move my family to … Continue reading Random updates

Licensing vs. Certification

One of government’s favorite tools used to control us is Licensing.  In many states, if you want to sell hot dogs from a cart, build a home, decorate offices, repair cars, shampoo hair, or help someone sell/buy a home, you first need to get a license.  In other words, you are forbidden from performing any … Continue reading Licensing vs. Certification

Why do you make so much trouble, arguing with your friends?

It seems nowadays having strong opinions about anything can get you into deep trouble.  Not only do you risk offending the people who challenge your views, but there are countless others that don’t say anything and simply write you off or agree to disagree with you.  (click - unfriend button). Not sure why this is.  … Continue reading Why do you make so much trouble, arguing with your friends?