The Current State of the Vax Debate Summed up in 2 Memes

It's been a while since I've touched on Rona. Frankly, I wish I took better notes over the last 2 years for posterity but also to look back someday and remind myself of how utterly disastrously this has been handled around the world. Konstantin Kisin did a pretty good job of capturing some of the … Continue reading The Current State of the Vax Debate Summed up in 2 Memes


2020 Year End Review

I wouldn't be a blogger if I didn't have an obligatory End of 2020 post. Someday, I'll look back at this and think "What a crazy time that was!" Not going to do a play-by-play, but there are a few moments and epiphanies that I had this year that I want to capture for myself. … Continue reading 2020 Year End Review

Pre-Year-End Review

Not my final 2020 in review post, but just some thoughts for today. It will be interesting to see how friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and businesses come out of 2020. For sure, some of the nonsense this year was driven by the election. People actually care about things like that. But the impact of Rona … Continue reading Pre-Year-End Review

A Free-Market Capitalist’s Take on Bourbon Shortages

Let’s get this first out of the way. Yes, I enjoy an occasional ice-cold stout beer, a glass of wine, or a dram of whiskey. That may surprise some of you, and to others, it might not be a surprise at all. There was a time in my youth where I drank more regularly – … Continue reading A Free-Market Capitalist’s Take on Bourbon Shortages

Of all things, Masks?

It's simply astounding to me that of all the turmoil and disaster that's taken place over the last 4 months, the height of the internet flame wars today appears to have boiled down to Masks - who's wearing / not wearing one, what the latest scientists are saying about their efficacy, whether people are even using … Continue reading Of all things, Masks?