Random thoughts about Labor Unions

Just a quick follow up about topic that came up during our Discussion Group on Labor Unions.  Right now, AMR (aka American Airlines) is in bankruptcy court negotiating with the union reps on how to keep their company afloat. Everyone has an opinion about Labor Unions, and it can usually be categories into 1 of … Continue reading Random thoughts about Labor Unions


The soil is fertile for the seeds of freedom

Our group with no name finally met this weekend.  (We're not calling ourselves a book club. And though presently only men are meeting, we are certainly open to women joining us.  For some reason, our wives find our topics boring.)   We were discussing "Economics in One Lesson" by Henry Hazlitt.  I would highly recommend this book, … Continue reading The soil is fertile for the seeds of freedom

Give me Liberty, not Morality

I used to be convinced that the biggest problem was that the government was not conservative enough.  I thought, if we took the wrong people out of office and put the right people (no pun intended) in power, then the government would fix the problems of the world.  Maybe if we had Christians running the country, we'd … Continue reading Give me Liberty, not Morality