Licensing vs. Certification

One of government’s favorite tools used to control us is Licensing.  In many states, if you want to sell hot dogs from a cart, build a home, decorate offices, repair cars, shampoo hair, or help someone sell/buy a home, you first need to get a license.  In other words, you are forbidden from performing any … Continue reading Licensing vs. Certification


Do you even know what you’re saying?

Socialism, and her inevitable offspring Communism, are gaining popularity once again.  Visions of Che Guevara swell in the hearts and on the T-shirts of the ‘working class’.  Students flock to the local Leftist “Equality” rallies, iPhones and Starbucks Gluten-Free-Mocha-Frappa-Caramelitos in hand.  Disgruntled workers, not feeling the love, covet their CEO’s bonus payout last year without … Continue reading Do you even know what you’re saying?

In the game of chicken, the trick is knowing when to flinch.

Despite the fact that the majority of economists agree that raising the minimum wage increases unemployment, particularly for those most at risk (young, inexperienced, under-educated), politicians and left-wing advocacy groups keep pushing.  $10/ hr.  $15 / hr.  Sky's the limit. The cavalier manner with which advocates assume employers  (particularly the big corporations) will simply pay more … Continue reading In the game of chicken, the trick is knowing when to flinch.

Random thoughts about Labor Unions

Just a quick follow up about topic that came up during our Discussion Group on Labor Unions.  Right now, AMR (aka American Airlines) is in bankruptcy court negotiating with the union reps on how to keep their company afloat. Everyone has an opinion about Labor Unions, and it can usually be categories into 1 of … Continue reading Random thoughts about Labor Unions