The Cares Act will cost us more than $2 Trillion

The Cares Act is now law and those that embrace Liberty are being criticized for daring to question adding another $2 TRILLION to our national debt.  See if you've had this exchange with any of your statist friends and family. Govt: we ordered Chuckie Cheese Pineapple pizza for everyone. Your share of the bill is … Continue reading The Cares Act will cost us more than $2 Trillion


Anyone Want to Fly United?

Gotta capture this one for the books. This week started off with a viral video clip of Dr. David Dao's violent removal from Flight 3411 because, though the flight was NOT overbooked, 4 airline employees needed the seats to get to Louisville for other flight duties. So after an unsuccessful attempt at offering up to … Continue reading Anyone Want to Fly United?

The Election and the Aftermath

It's been almost a week since the election. I'll admit that I had assumed Hillary was going to win.  Seemed to have been what most people were expecting as well. Certainly, the mainstream media is calling Trump's victory "shocking" and "disheartening". Most of you know that I've given up on voting for a political official. … Continue reading The Election and the Aftermath

How Far Are You Willing to Compromise Your Integrity and Values?

Election fever has taken hold. A new generation of young voters will have their first chance to vote for the next President this November. The energy of the American dream will surge in the hearts of the masses. Like the groundhog that comes up once a year, the American voter will suddenly care about the … Continue reading How Far Are You Willing to Compromise Your Integrity and Values?

Where is your hope and faith?

It’s been almost a full week of a self-imposed sabbatical from Facebook and shockingly, the world continued to move forward.  I had no profound reason for taking the break other than I want to see how long I could go without the daily facepalms and pulling out my already thinning hairline.  Still, there were some … Continue reading Where is your hope and faith?