Trigglypuffs, Toilets, and Tolerance

No shortage of news to discuss. If you care about the elections, which I don't, every day there seems to be more finger pointing, name calling, skeletons coming out of the closet, and oh yeah, violence amongst the most rabid sycophants defending their leaders (or tearing down their opponents). I'm just as guilty I suppose … Continue reading Trigglypuffs, Toilets, and Tolerance

My Public Apology

I have to make a public apology to a couple of friends.  My last post, which I've since removed, was not meant to out anyone, defame, or humiliate.  I don't mean to sound like the Godfather, but it wasn't personal, it was business.   I did not ask for permission to post or quote conversations from … Continue reading My Public Apology

Thoughts on Marriage

I know many of my readers have been married much longer than I have, so I feel a little silly giving any advice to you. Of course, Marriage isn't necessarily just about longevity as it is about depth. Feel free to correct me, young and old alike, where I need to be set straight. My … Continue reading Thoughts on Marriage

Seven Children?!? HOW COME?

  We have a big family. For as long as I can remember, I've always dreamed of having a big family. People have such interesting reactions when they meet us for the first time. I guess it's pretty rare to meet a family of 9 nowadays, but an Asian American family of 9 is practically … Continue reading Seven Children?!? HOW COME?

Thanksgiving is a religious holiday

We had an interesting study in church this morning, and we looked at several verses of Scripture, but in particular, we read Psalm 136 together. It got me thinking. In the United States, we celebrate Thanksgiving every November. In grade school, you might have learned about the pilgrims and the Indians, the harsh winter conditions, … Continue reading Thanksgiving is a religious holiday