Do Informed Voters Produce Better Results?

You've probably seen video clips online of reporters / vloggers hanging around Polling Places during an election asking voters basic questions like "which party controls the Senate?", "Name 3 Congressmen", "Where is Ukraine?", etc. Don't know if he still does it, but Jay Leno used to have a segment called Jaywalk where he would go … Continue reading Do Informed Voters Produce Better Results?

Fellowship 2.0

I was starting to write all of the following as a part of my previous post, but I figured I had completed one thought.  This is another, new thought, though there are obviously some tie-ins here. I’ve often said that if I didn’t have a family to support or this affinity for crunching numbers, I … Continue reading Fellowship 2.0

Writing for the Remnant

Have to post this link again.  Thanks Tanya for sharing this with me.  And I apologize in advance, I'm probably going to embarrass you.Isaiah's Job - Albert Jay Nock - Mises DailyI'll have to admit that when I first started blogging a few weeks ago, I had no idea if anyone would notice or care. … Continue reading Writing for the Remnant