2021 was, in fact, a great year!

At the beginning of the year, I had shared a link to the Who's song 1921 from Tommy to capture my optimism for this year. I've got a feeling '21 is going to be a good year. Especially if you and me see it in together I've got a feeling '21 is going to be … Continue reading 2021 was, in fact, a great year!


Not my home anymore

Most of the family and I took a short trip back to Dallas-Fort Worth to attend our friends' son's wedding this weekend.  Two of our older children stayed home because they had work and school.  We drove from Charlotte, stayed overnight in Birmingham, and arrived the day before the wedding. Drove straight through on the … Continue reading Not my home anymore

2020 Year End Review

I wouldn't be a blogger if I didn't have an obligatory End of 2020 post. Someday, I'll look back at this and think "What a crazy time that was!" Not going to do a play-by-play, but there are a few moments and epiphanies that I had this year that I want to capture for myself. … Continue reading 2020 Year End Review

My kind of vacation

For the second year in row, our dear friends from Texas (AJ, Laura,and #8) drove all the way to our home in South Carolina to spend a few days of their vacation with us and to celebrate our Independence Day together, blowing stuff up and eating lots of yummy food.  We laughed, shared memories and just … Continue reading My kind of vacation