I Hate War

Another election has come and gone, and the Republicans are celebrating. Yeah! They took over the Senate. Whoo hoo! Promises were made on the campaign trail! Awww snap. Obama's regime is gettin' a smack down! Take that, 2016 Democratic Presidential hopefuls!!! We're finally going to turn this ship around! Obamacare. Loose borders. Out of control … Continue reading I Hate War


Global Intervention

Been trading email back and forth with afriend on this topic, so I thought I’d share a few of my thoughts here and get someadditional feedback.Ron Paul has been criticized by a lot ofConservatives over his foreign policy.  Many don't agree with his view (which, by the way, he's maintainedconsistently long before he thought about … Continue reading Global Intervention

Fandemonium: the cult of personality

I really should consider adding pictures and such to my blog to make it more pretty.  I'm not very artistic in that way, so apologies that it's not so aesthetically pleasing.  Something I'll have to work on eventually.  My wife always tells me that the things that excite me most are the things that put … Continue reading Fandemonium: the cult of personality