Voluntary Participation Makes Good Coffee Tuesday Possible

I have opinions about the whole Kavanaugh circus, but I don't have the energy to write about it today. Instead, I'll highlight a perfect example of Liberty and Voluntaryism. My employer provides coffee for us. It's not particularly good coffee. In fact, it's downright nasty. I have never heard one person make a comment that … Continue reading Voluntary Participation Makes Good Coffee Tuesday Possible


We need less government, not more

Look at all this Free Market / Voluntarily Participating / Mutually Benefiting GREEDY Capitalism! Every single vendor, farmer, craftsman, rancher, baker, and artisan here took their time, money, talent, and sweat equity to produce goods to sell on their own. There was no govt commissar dictating what to produce, how much, and to what standard. … Continue reading We need less government, not more

Quality and Free Markets

Quality.  It's a hugely subjective measurement. Some may argue there are universally accepted standards for what's considered to be "good" quality vs. "poor" (eg. your local FDA bootlicker).  I would argue that Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder. Many people mistake Price for Quality.  In a Free Market, Price only indicates the intersection of … Continue reading Quality and Free Markets

An Evening With Bastiat

Yesterday, my wife and I attended a lecture hosted by the Charlotte chapter of the Bastiat Society.  I was thrilled to learn there was a local chapter in Charlotte and even more excited to learn there was a free lecture being given on Capitalism.  Those who don't know, Claude Frédéric Bastiat was a 19th century … Continue reading An Evening With Bastiat

What Would You Say, Ya Do, Here?

Just a short thought prompted by an exchange I had recently on Facebook with a former student of mine. When it comes to Labor, there's a difference between Value and Activity. In the free market, Value is determined by the Consumer. Whoever is buying decides if the good or service offered has enough Value to … Continue reading What Would You Say, Ya Do, Here?