The Limits of Personal Liberty

Here's a very interesting topic posed by Julie Borowski on Facebook: Status Update By Julie Borowski Judging from previous discussions, I would say most people on this page are pro-drug legalization and pro-life. They believe people should be able to put whatever they want into their own bodies, no matter how dangerous. They also believe … Continue reading The Limits of Personal Liberty


Random Thoughts

Traveling this week in Korea. Sitting in Incheon airport on our way back home. We were able to bring the whole family to Seoul to see my youngest brother get married. His wife is a Korean national, but they met in Ankara, Turkey where they were both teaching. They've since moved to Seoul, but no … Continue reading Random Thoughts

Get your smokes elsewhere, like from our competitors

CVS Caremark Corp. announced today that they would stop selling all tobacco products from their retail stores this year. The decision was made to try and bolster their image as a healthcare provider. It is expected to cost them $2 billion in annual sales. Business decisions like this are always perplexing to me. Does Larry … Continue reading Get your smokes elsewhere, like from our competitors

Poor in spirit

Another great sermon this morning on the Beatitudes. Today's messages focused on Matthew 5:3 -- "Blessed are the poor in spirit, For theirs is the kingdom of heaven." One quick thought that caught my attention immediately. Lyndon had pointed out the similarities and differences between Poor in secular terms (meaning a beggar, completely dependent on … Continue reading Poor in spirit

Are You Happy?

Great sermon this Sunday.  You can see the video or read the transcript here. Our preacher, Lyndon, is starting a series on Matthew 5 (NKJV), specifically what's known as the Beatitudes.  Of course, I've heard many preachers talk about Jesus's Sermon on the Mount, and they've tackled it from all kinds of angles.  But Lyndon … Continue reading Are You Happy?