Of all things, Masks?

It’s simply astounding to me that of all the turmoil and disaster that’s taken place over the last 4 months, the height of the internet flame wars today appears to have boiled down to Masks – who’s wearing / not wearing one, what the latest scientists are saying about their efficacy, whether people are even using them properly, why people are being so selfish and dO YOu REaLlY wAnT pEoPLe tO dIE?!?!

And I’ve seen every side of the argument:

  • the countless links to “proof” that masks work (or don’t work) 
  • the spike in positive cases which also seems to correlate neatly with the rise in testing
  • the plummeting rate of mortality (which no one seems to be paying attention to anymore)
  • the guy who has a co-worker whose mother knows someone in her hometown that just died of Coronovirus (who also happened to be involved in a car accident)
  • “news” that bars and trips to the beach must be the reason for the rise in cases while protest and BLM marches are somehow immune

You’ve got Karens calling cops on people going out without masks on.  You’ve also got the entitled snowflakes verbally assaulting (or worse) young employees just trying to enforce their boss’s policies.  (This gem, in particular, makes me laugh and shake my head all at the same time.  Kudos for the Free Market voluntarily sending over $100k in tips to the young man.)

What’s disturbingly clear to me is how little people understand what their Rights are and recognizing when they are being violated.  I’ve written before on the difference between Positive and Negative Rights but also important to understand are Property Rights.  If I own a business, I should be able to set the conditions under which anyone who wants to come into my place needs to respect.  If I want to insist on people wearing a mask before coming into my store, it’s no different than insisting on wearing shoes or shirts.  It’s a condition of entrance.  

At the same time, the Government has no moral authority to dictate a universal mask policy in private places of business, despite what countless Governors and Mayors across the country believe to be their Times to Shine, to flex their authoritarian grip on the common folk.

From a moral perspective, the argument is actually that simple.

Now, of course, all these Kens and Karens are going to be in an uproar over selfish Libertarians that refuse to JUST WEAR THE MASK.  I can’t speak for everyone (and you really should stop doing it yourself) but my family and I personally see Masks as ridiculous as this guy –


You’ve probably seen posts about how sneezing with and without a mask on spreads in the open air or over petri dishes. 

Well duh!  Cover your mouth or sneeze into your elbow, just like you were taught in 1st grade, you nasty barbarian.

But if you think your filthy bandana which you’ve been wearing everywhere over your mouth, but under your nose, is somehow keeping the world safe, I’ve got news for you.  That’s now how viruses work.

And I keep saying this over and over.  

If you’re THAT afraid of dying of the Rona – STAY HOME.  Have your groceries and nachos delivered to you.  Be the first on your block to get the vaccine when Big Pharma starts to crank them out like a good little citizen.


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